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Make a life altering impact in the lives of your employees while bringing hope to a village.

Bulembu. It's a village. It's an orphanage. It's where children laugh with joy. They've found hope. They've found love.

Bulembu is a village in Swaziland with a current population of 1,500 people, including an orphanage housing 400 children. Over half of Swaziland's population under the age of 18 are orphans. This is such an overwhelming need as Swaziland has one of the highest HIV and orphan rates in the world.

Bulembu has a clear vision to become a vibrant, sustainable community. This vision for sustainability includes fostering the development of a new generation of emerging leaders through orphan care, education, health services and commerce.

Bulembu has the capacity for a population of approximately 10,000 people. The goal for Bulembu is to raise up leaders that will transform their nation as the town is restored to its full capacity. The orphans become the drivers of growth and leadership in the country as their training and education in the village sets them on the right path to develop their full potential.

People from all around the world are equipping these orphans to live fulfilling and purposeful lives. This transformation is brought about through a sustainable business development approach.

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The orphan program is sustained through the businesses that the Bulembu Project has helped establish. The currently established enterprises are:

  1. Sawmill

  2. Dairy Farm

  3. Honey Production

  4. Creativity Center

  5. Bottled Water

  6. Bakery

  7. Hospitality Lodge

What Our People are Saying

Ethan: Going to Bulembu in 2014 | honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I was excited and also nervous. never having gone to a third world nation such as Swaziland. Once I got there, it was easy to see why people want to help. For a town with so little, they have so much to offer. Everybody walks around with a smile on their faces, and always makes a point to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The children work hard everyday whether it's in school, around the orphanage, helping with the church, or, as they grow older, even keeping the town running efficiently.

Bulembu is providing a very good opportunity to children of unfortunate circumstances, helping them to develop the fundamentals to everyday life and how to better the quality of the lives around them. This is largely thanks to the tireless efforts of all the men and women who dedicate themselves to providing for these children. In Bulembu, I found out how loving, caring, and also how strong a person can be. I can't wait to one day go back and see the progress they'll be making.

Brian: It was an amazing experience for me to be able to go over to Swaziland and use my skills to help in a very practical way. It's awesome to work for a company that is supportive of Bulembu because I know that as I work I'm not only making money for myself and Armor Electric but I'm also helping those kids that I met while working in Bulembu.


Why Do This?

Engage in a partnership that will build a transformative culture which values relationships within your company and your business network.

Join the businesses who are passionate about partnering with Bulembu. The work being done in Bulembu is not only saving and transforming the lives of the children in Swaziland but also creating a unique opportunity for organizations to be part of something that is larger than themselves.

Join us in supporting and encouraging the leadership of Bulembu. Your company and your employees can use your skills and resources to help the orphans of Bulembu. You can provide opportunities for employees to grow as professionals and individuals, as they work together to support the people of Swaziland.

Come partner with us in building the community within and around your company at home and abroad.

Encourages long term commitment

Builds relationships

Motivates employees

Unique bonus opportunity

Inspires innovation and creativity

Provides networking opportunities

Expands scope and reach

Provides purpose for your customers

Enhances company reputation

Company Benefits

Benefits for Bulembu

Financial support

Education impact

Relational support

Business growth

Program development

Infrastructure development

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